Aphrodisiacs – sex boosters

This focus of this section is enhanced erotic and sexual feelings. In short, it is about aphrodisiacs or more plainly speaking sex boosters. Some products in other chapters may also enhance your erotic experience. Some products in the herb section are aphrodisiacs as well: Damiana (cut), Damiana (powder), Guarana (powder) and Muira Puama (powder). See herbs, go 0100b .

SJMTOC Bionix Love
SJMTOC Bionix Love – 10 units
SJMTOC Happy Caps – Sex-E
SJMTOC Happy Caps – Sex-E – 12 units
SJMTOC Libido Forte – 1 capsule
SJMTOC Libido Forte – 5 capsules
SJMTOC Libido Forte – 5 capsules – 20 units

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