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Magic Truffles - Psilocybe Atlantis - 100 units

For more information on truffles, see Psilocybe mexicana truffles ( 1810 )

100x 15gr of fresh unprocessed Psilocybe atlantis magic truffles

5-10 grams for a light trip
10-15 grams for a normal trip
15-20 grams for a strong trip

Note! Start with a low dose (5 grams) of these magic truffles to check your sensitivity.

These truffle magic mushrooms only contain about 60% water. That's why these fresh magic mushrooms will stay OK for about 2 to 3 weeks when stored in the fridge. When you leave these magic mushrooms outside of the fridge in a warm room with dry air they will dry without any preparation and can be kept for several months.

Consider fast shipping, see 0270 .

We only ship truffles to the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

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