About T. Peruvianus cutting (1500 grams)

Discussion in 'Product questions' started by kmonkey, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Since this is my first time ordering T. Peruvians and on sjamaan is clearly stated that:"The Peruvianus contains the largest amount of mescaline of all know mescaline containing cacti (about 10 times more than any other Trichocerei)"

    Can somone please give some information or mescaline per gram table so i can calculate how much i must eat for normal trip (6hour or more long).

    Or to be more simplistic how many times i can trip with this order?

    I have some experience with peyote but none with Peruvianus...:eek:
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    Hi Kmonkey,

    You need to know a few things:

    A cactus of 1500 grams is for approximately four people.

    Preparation: San Pedro may be eaten fresh or dried and taken in any of the manners described for peyote. Cuttings of San Pedro sold in the USA are usually about three feet long by four inches diameter. A piece 4-8 inches long will usually bring about the desired effect. The skin and spines must be removed. The skin should not be thrown away, however. The green tissue close to the skin contains a high concentration of mescaline. Some people chew the skin until all the juices are extracted. If you dont what to do this, the skins can be boiled in water for several hours to make a potent tea. The woody core of the cactus cannot be eaten. One can eat around it like a corn cob. The core does not have much alkaloid content, but can be mashed and boiled as a tea for what little is there.

    Note on Trichocereus Peruvianus.

    The Trichocereus Peruvianus is more potent than San Pedro. A typical dose (equivalent to 200-400 milligram of mescaline) requires about 300-500 grams of fresh plant material (30-50 grams dry).

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