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Discussion in 'Product questions' started by Deejay, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Hello i am interested in herbal-natural xtc products but i have no experience before.

    Can u advice me a product with real xtc effect pls .
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    Hi Deejay,

    I can advice you a few herbal XTC:

    Explore 2:

    This herbal XTC gives lots of energy and warmth, like Smart XXX ( 0614), but stronger and more sparkles. This herbal XTC can go on for 7 hours. XTC-like stimulant. No hangover. Each herbal XTC capsule contains: Ma Huang, Guarana, Ginseng, Passionflower, Calcium chloride.

    8 capsules for 1-2 doses

    Explore XS:

    Effect of this herbal XTC:

    After taking this herbal XTC, there’s a euphoric adventure waiting for you. Explore XS combines the energetic and euphoric effects of XTC, with the relaxed and mellow state of marihuana. This herbal XTC is the ideal party enhancer.

    Dosage of this herbal XTC:

    Swallow 2 – 4 capsules with water, 45 minutes, before the wanted effect.

    Contents of this herbal XTC:

    4 capsules each containing 500 mg Sida Cordifolia extract


    Voyager is a spectacular new formula in the range of herbal XTC -s. Voyager consists of a revolutionary new formula that will change your notion of a herbal XTC for ever. The unique feature of Voyager is the synergistical blend of the extract of the Sida Cordifolia plant and the vitamins and amino-acids together. Because of this, the effect of Voyager will result in the perfect balans between energy and total euforia. Never before did a herbal XTC come this close to the effect of its chemical counterparts, as does Voyager. The only difference is that Voyager is 100% natural, safe and legal! Voyager contains 4 capsules. Only 1 Capsule of this herbal XTC allready gives you a warm euphoric sensation and 2 will provide the full on Voyager-effect. Do not underestimate its strength and start out with 1 to test your response to this herbal XTC formula. We wish you an onforgettable journey !

    For more products and more information about this products, please check our website www.sjamaan.com

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