The Father of White Widow

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    The Father of White Widow

    Interview with Ingmar……from the greman cannabis magazine GROW

    Grow? Hello Ingemar! You are known as “The father of White Widow” do you see it that way yourself?

    Ingemar: Yes you could say that. I created a plant that became known under the name white widow.

    Grow? Is the name from you too?

    Ingemar: yes the name comes from the spider…

    Grow? And “White”, because she´s packed with crystals.?!

    Ingemar: Exactally, she is the first in the so called “White Family” later on other strains like white shark came as well

    Grow? And what is so special about white widow, what kind of genetics are in her?

    Ingemar: Well that of course is a secret! I can tell you this much she´s from two seeds that were breed and stablized for 6 years before being crossed together.

    Grow? Where were the seeds from? From friends or from travels

    Ingemar? The seeds came out of some hand rubbed hash

    Grow? How exactly did you go about this

    Ingemar: At that time Cannabis cultivation was not that big of problem in Holland.For the seed production you were allowed to grow big. I had fields that I could plant thousands so I could select the best under them.

    Grow? What do you look for in a plant what are your guidelines?

    Ingemar: That really is a secert as well. But let me say this I work with cannabis because for a lot of people this is there medicine, that’s how I go about it. That means I have been working with med pat. For over 15 years. I give them there medicine (for free) and they give me feedback on the different strains I gave out. The results were instant. So next to selecting for growth, mold resistance and yeild I also select for medical values.

    Grow? How long Have you grown the cannabis plant?

    Ingemar: Since 1980, I was 20 years old when I got my first seeds. Since then I have worked with plant on a daily basis 8 to 9 hours a day. During this time I have come to know what the cannabis plant needs to feel good so she will develop nicely. That’s how I came to relize that it takes 6 years for a cannabis seed to become a stable strain.

    Grow? So you primarilly grow outdoors?

    Ingemar: Yep, that’s what I´ve been doing for years, the plants that you see outside are from seeds that dropped last fall to the ground. They´ve been growing since Febuary.

    Grow? Even through frost and bad weather?

    Ingemar: Yep, those are some of the hardiest plants you will find they´ve addapted to our climate so good that not even our harsch weather will slow them down.

    Grow? That sounds interesting, especially for our friends in the swiss…were can one get these seeds

    Ingemar: well not yet, sorry. But when there ready then only at “De Sjamaan”. There you can purcase another strain of mine (purple Widow) she blooms early and gives good results outside. At the moment im working on the taste.

    Grow? How exactally do you go about that? Do you plant a lemon tree next to a cannabis plant and the taste smell carry over?

    Ingemar: it may sound stupid but you could do it that way, I myself have devloped a different way.

    Grow? And that would been…………

    Ingemar: when you use a fertilizer based on mango compound, the cannabis plant can obtain the falvor

    Grow? And when you use a different fert then you can lose this taste?

    Ingemar: Exactally, and that’s why I don´t care for indoor growing so much.Indoor the cannabis plant looses it own character

    Grow? But with indoor you can obtain a garden year round. How do you care for your genetics over the winter

    Ingemar: I use greenhouses for my mother plants..

    Grow? Have you in all this time had problems with the law

    Ingemar: Yes I have, I had to cancell our last meeting because I had a visit from the IRS….I was always open and honest with my cannabis growing to the government.and did not have any problems for a long time. A couple of years ago I then got a visit from the police and they took my plants. It came to a court case witch I won because I acted acourding to the law. The locale police assured me they would leave me alone. But then officers from a different district didn´t give a sh*t, and came by to take my plants away. I warned the police that I would make each one of them personally responceable for my loss, but they did not take me serious. And it turned out like I said free of all charges(again) and now the police have a problem because I followed the law they did not.

    Grow?What allows you to grow here in holland when we hear of others grows being busted here in holland

    Ingemar: up till 2002 the production of cannabis seeds were legal. Since that has changed ionly grow for scientific reasons. And growing for science is legal, I am the only one, that I know of in holland that can grow legally

    Grow? Even indoor

    Ingemar: No just outdoors

    Grow? And how many are you allowed to grow? 5 is normal right

    Ingemar: right, normally 5 per address, but I can grow as much as I like, they can´t do anything!!You have to remember that I´ve been fighting for 25 years against laws that make what I do illegal and since last year I have accomplished what I´ve been fighting for

    Grow? But your not allowed to sell weed right?

    Ingemar? No grass and no seed sales. I don´t grow for grass or for seeds I grow for science, the seeds that happen to come up are the collected and given to the company De Sjamaan

    Grow? I understand…..are all strains at De Sjamaan variations of white widow?

    Ingemar: basically yes, I have taken the original white widow and crossed her year for year and selected. That’s how the different strains came about from those two seeds but like I said it takes 6 years to stablize from there on

    Grow? How is the Green house white widow? do they have the same one?

    Ingemar: Yes it´s the same one. I gave Arjan the genetics and the name years ago he is the only one that has permission to use the name and genetics

    Grow? Witch he has done very well with you yourself have not gotten rich?

    Ingemar? No, it´s not about the money, to me it´s about the plant and the medical applications I find that´s more important that the money. If it were about the money I doubt I would have won in court!

    Grow? Well not everyone thinks like yourself, have you heard of other growers treating there plants with posionious cemicals just for profit?

    Ingemar: sure have, I´m currently writing a letter to the Minister complaing about this very thing for years he has allowed chemical weed to be sold in coffeeshops that lead to health risks down the line!

    Grow? What kind of chemicals are they using

    Ingemar: depends on the situation I have heard of them sprinkling coffee creamer a couple days before harvest to give them a white look or sparying hair spary over them for the same effect

    Grow? People really do that

    Ingemar: when it´s about money they will do anything

    Grow? Do you use any pesticides or anything

    Ingemar: no I just let it grow nature takes care of everything if you let it

    Grow? But you do use fertilizers

    Ingemar: yes, but only my self made mix

    Grow? How is the THC content in your strains

    Ingemar: I´d rather not take about that at the moment since the government is trying to bann strong marijuana

    Grow? Okay back to white widow then, what in your opinion is the reason for the white widow popularity?

    Ingemar: she is the first in the white line, she produces so much resin that one gets scared to smoke her. I have had little with her popularity to do all I did was give a coffeeshop dryed product that was entered in different cups and won.

    Grow? Was it the weed

    Ingemar: that’s what I asked myself, about the time white shark came out and immediately won a cup. I then entered the same weed under the name peacemaker and she won a cup so maybe it was the weed. This article was translated by


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