Welcome to the main website of De Sjamaan. Through this website, we have been serving ten thousands of satisfied customers since we came online in 1998. We offer a wide range of effective psychoactive products for very competitive prices and fast worldwide shipping.

We strongly believe in the right to alter consciousness and we will keep providing ways to do so. De Sjamaan is actively involved in various legalisation efforts. The policy of De Sjamaan focusses on high ethical standards, a carefully selected product assortment, extensive information and is completely within the law.

De Sjamaan (The Shaman) has been founded in 1994 and has since then grown to one of the largest companies of the smartshop & headshop branche in the EU.

De Sjamaan holds 3 companies:

  • De Sjamaan Internet sales, brings you this and many other websites and webshops.
  • De Sjamaan Wholesale, which supplies hundreds of retailers and wholesalers in the EU. We produce and find innovative psychoactives to provide them to the world.
  • De Sjamaan Smartshops, our retail department with stores in Arnhem & Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Our Smartshops are a must see.




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