BAD trip


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The first time I took shrooms I had an AWSOME time, the second was a different story. I got 2 grams of shrooms most of it was shroom dust, a bit of a cap and stem. I ate the cap and stem and decided to mix the dust into a bowl of alphagetties(like shef boy RD, only with the alphabet :D) I mixed it up and ate it all within like 15 minuts, start having an awsome time watching someone play super mario on super nes, looking at pipes in the cieling moveing around (we were in a basement)and watching the walls wave around. About an hour into my trip, abosultely out of nowhere I start to feel kind of strange, and puke ALL OVER MYSELF. It didnt even stop there, I puked twice more before I got to a sink where I puked up absolutely anything that had once been in my stomach. After I felt so awful all I wanted to do was have everyone leave me alone so I could go to sleep. What the hell happened??


should be digested on empty stomach... well thats the info. any book on shamanism would give out about mushrooms, ayahuasca, mescaline but of course taking it on an empty stomach doesn necessary have to counter that you throw up, many shamans throw up after consuming their potions,,, we are all different and on different days our energies work differently thats why we react different one day from another. You just learnt that maybe that combination you did... not good for your system, so maybe next time just eat the shrooms, have atleast 3-4 hrs empty stomach besides the effect is much better too.

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