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Here are some reviews of the quality of our Kratom, which was posted on . We have recently changed Kratom supplier and have very strong Kratom now:

Robocop posted:
I recieved my 10grams of kratom from Sjamaan the other day of their new kratom. Broke it all up and boiled all 10 grams in a pot with a few cups of water for around 15 minutes. Strained, added sugar, etc.

Taste was normal but the effects where noticably stronger than their last kratom they had. This was so far the best kratom I have yet to try but I have not really shopped around that much. Stronger than expected nice warm sedating buzz. Starting to like kratom alot more now that I quit messing with commercial grade.
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Nagognog2 wrote:
Regards the kratom from: Free sample from Holland:

Okay. I told them to cancel the freebie-order. But it rolled in anywho. 10gm of a pressed, leafy nature. I crushed this with my hand and tossed it into a blender. Hit liquify and let is reduce into a fine powder. Added enough boiling water to make for one small glass - 8 ounces - 200ml. Liquify setting again for about 5 minutes. Let it cool enough to bolt without frying my tongue. Synopsis:

It works. Quite potent. No need for the lengthy extraction with this particular strain. In fact it was much stronger than I had anticipated. If they were closer to me, I'd likely order from them when I wanted the stuff. But being over there across the pond from me, I'll pass - rather than freak out the feds in the Post Office here in the Untied Snakes of Amigraine. There. I gave my report. Bite me.

I could give it a guesstimate: 150% as potent as IAS's "super kratom." Have not tried their leaf, but this knocks their super on it's back.

Radiometer wrote:
Kratom Report: De Sjamaan

A 10 gram sample of whole-leaf kratom was received from De Sjamaan in the NL. The product was very unusual compared to US kratom, in that the leaves were mostly intact and not crushed. My understanding is that this shop cannot sell to the US at this time, so I took a couple of pictures for you. Here's the bag:

And here's some leaves. Unfortunately, I didn't think to put anything in the frame to give an idea of scale. These were BIG! The largest piece in the picture was about 2" x 3" in size.

After reading the above report from nagognog2, I chose to take 5g, since my usual dose is 7g of IAS's regular kratom. I prepared it in my usual way - crushing the leaves, lightly boiling them in one cup of water for 20 minutes, and straining with just a metal strainer.

I'm not sure about the effects, it seems to be a bit weaker than what I usually have, so perhaps if I'd made 7g, it would have seemed the same.
I sure am itchy! I'm tempted to just make the rest before this wears off.
But I'd rather have my lab-monkey (oops I meant wife ) try out the remaining 5g, which happens to be her usual dose, and see what her
opinion is.

So it's good stuff, and I thank De Sjamaan for graciously allowing me to sample it.

De Sjamaan gets two reports for the price of one:

My wife thinks this is great stuff. She achieved a good, strong narcotic dose with 5g prepared as above.
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