Mixing shrooms with weed


Its very individual what would happen but I believe its a good combo, I usually prefer smoking when taking any kind of other psychedelic substance it balances it out for me since Cannabis is the purest psychedelic substance for me, and the trip gets better but more balanced in a way. This is what I experience.



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Ive always been told that pot levels out a trip, has a calming kind of effect.

This is 3rd hand tho. never done that combo myself.

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Quote: Originally posted by bored on 2005-May-22Hi i was just wondering if you could mix shrooms with pot..
And if i did what would happen?


I don not recommend using mushrooms with pot because you will not get the full experience of the trip and you will get a more dreamy trip,

so to experience the full mushrooms trip, do not smoke pot with it,

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