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ive had my mushrooms growing for 13 days now. there is about 3 growing up from the sides of the box about 3 inches long. the only thing in the middle of the soil is about 2 mushrooms about 1/4 inch in size. is it okay to pick shrooms from the side of the box? if the ones in the middle arent growing should i pick them out? spray the box with water? im just worried about wasting future flushes. please help. thanks

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Hello dr Hellnl,

It is okay to pick the mushrooms from the side of the box.

3 inches is a normal size to pick the mushrooms out of the kit, the best moment to pick them is just before the caps of the mushrooms opens.The mushrooms in the middle of the kit will get bigger, wait and see.If they really not grow in a couple off days, pick them out! Maybe spray a little water on the kit.

If you would like some advice about your kit, you can always send my some photo's about the kit to my e-mail address: and then i can see for myself what's going on with your kit ,

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