problemas de contacto/contact problems


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[Sorry if you receive several copies of this text, I post here beacause I do not have answer of the contact-form nor of e-mails ]

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Hello, I sent the money by ordinary mail. I would like to know if you have received it without problems and if you have sent the package to Spain.

Thank you very much


Hola, yo envié el dinero vía correo ordinario. Me gustaría saber si lo han recibido sin problemas y sin han enviado el paquete a España.

Muchas gracias

Order Reference: 0000182396


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He recibido su E-mail y lo tengo adelante a nuestro equipo del pago para ver qué fue mal,

equipo del envío de Sjamania de recuerdos


I have received your e-mail and i have forward it to our payment crew to see what went wrong,

best regards

Sjamania shipping crew


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Ok, muchas gracias. No me parece muy seguro enviar dinero por correo ordinario y estaba algo preocupado. Espero que el dinero haya llegado sin problemas, o llegue pronto.

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Ok, thank you very much. It does not seem to me very safe to send money by ordinary mail and I was worried. I hope that the money has arrived without problems, or arrives soon.


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payment crew REPLY:


We have received a letter from you but there was no money enclosed. I do not know

what happened because the enveloppe was unopened. Maybe you forgot to put the

money in. It was sent per express and registered.

Kind regards,



Dear Xoch,

I am *completely* sure that I put the money in the envelope. 100% sure, in fact. The money wasn't visible through the envelope neither, I take precautions on that.

So, here it comes only two possibilities for me:

- One, someone in the Postal Service took my money.

- Two, the money arrived to you but, I don't know how, it "dissapeared".

As you said, the envelope was unopened, sent per express and registered. So, it is *very strange* that someone in the Postal Service took the envelope, opened it, took the money, and closed it again, without letting any signal in the envelope.

So, it let us with the second option.

It was a 50€ bill, please *make completely sure* it didn't fall to the floor, or maybe someone in your office took it as an error, I don't know.

As you can guess, I'm not very happy with this bussiness, neither with your service.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Olmo Ríos Enriquez




RESPUESTA del departamento de pagos:


Hemos recibido su carta, pero no estaba el dinero dentro. No sabemos que ha pasado porque la carta no había sido abierta. Puede que olvidara meter el dinero dentro. Fue enviada certificada y urgente




Dear Xoch,

Estoy *totalmente* seguro de que puse el dinero dentro de la carta. De hecho, 100% seguro. El dinero no era visible desde el exterior, tome precauciones con eso.

Asi que solo veo dos posibilidades:

- Uno, alguien en la oficina de correos cogió el dinero.

- Dos, el dinero llegó pero, no se como, desapareció.

Como habeis dicho, el sobre no había sido abierto, enviado urgente y certificado. Asi que es *muy extraño* que alguien en la oficina de correos cogiera la carta, la abriera, se llevara el dinero y la cerrara de nuevo sin dejar ninguna señal en el sobre.

Asi que nos deja con la segunda opcion.

Era un billete de 50 euros. Por favor *aseguraos completamente* de que no se cayo al suelo, o alguien de vuestra oficina lo cogió por error, no se.

Como pueden comprobar, no estoy muy contento con esta situación ni con el servicio


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Xochpayment crew REPLY 2:


I am very sorry and I don't understand it either. I have opened the enveloppe myself

and I am the only one working here. I have checked the foloor and my desk but there

was no money there. I take my business very seriously and I am in business for 5

years now and I am not putting it at risk by "loosing" peoples money. Unfortunately

there is nothing I can do about it but telling you again that I am sorry that apparently

the money was lost one way or another on the way.

Kind regards,

another try

Ok, I suppose that the fault was of the Postal Service. I have made a new order (0000183167), I am going to pay *again* by bank money transfer.

I hope that there are not more problems.


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Perdon no responder antes. Parece que debio ser un problema con correos. Intente de nuevo comprar con transferencia bancaria (si, me arriesgue de nuevo) y no hubo ningun problema. Ahora he hecho otro pedido, esperemos que no haya problema. Lo comentare por aqui.

Un saludo!