Question on Mycelial Growth in Jars


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Is it possible for the growing jars to get to hot during innoculation? I thought the jars were growing right on sceduale for the first week, then they just seemed to stop growing. I think it may have gotten to 90 degrees in the area, and was wondering if that could have caused the growth to stop.

I ask this cause i'm wondering if I need to just start over and try again or go ahead and try to fruit. The substrate appears to have caked, and that's why i'm still considering trying to fruit. There does appear to be some growth in the jars. It just doesn't look like the pictures i've seen.

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What kind of mushrooms growkit do you have? Normally when the temperature drops, the growing of thew mushrooms will stop. I think the easiest way to find out what's going on with your kit is to make some photo's of the kit and send it to my e-mail address:,

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