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hello everyone,​

i just received my Salvia Divinorum dried leaves and i plan to use them soon. I have read many things on Salvia, on how to use it, how the effects occurs etc...

i would like to collect experiences from you, users from all over the world, how you used it, what happened...

personaly, i plan to chew it. so i would like to know How Much? and should i prepare it with honey or something that makes it taste sweeter?

temoignages en francais Bienvenus!!!!


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you can better smoke it. If you eat it you have to chew a long time and it will not taste good.


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My experience isthat it can be very heavy. It depends on the type you are using. Normal leaves gave me a sensation as if someone was pulling my foot (or the inner spirit of my foot). The second time I smoked an exstract that was 5X stronger. It felt as if I together with the rest of the world split in two and the two parts shifted over eachother. I was stuck like that for one minute and didn't like the fact that I was totaly out of control. I was stuck and i was happy that it only took about one or two minutes. After that it was a bit trippy but contolable. My gilfriend who was also on Salvia was only laughing and laughing and couldn't stop. I don't know if i'll do it again, but i may. I think I would try eating next time.


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Ma première expérience avec de la Salvia m'a déçu, je m'attendais à plus fort.

Je l'ai fumé avec une pipe à eau, et le seul effet que ça m'a fait à duré 2 minutes et ce n'etais pas grand chose.

Je vais essayer autrement et avec d'autre dosage



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I was wondering if i get 1 gram of salvia 10x extract how many people could trip off of it? Its expensive as hell, 30$ a gram. But im thinking about trying it.


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I've got 5x extract. I need 2,5 grams to get at the I-stage (S-A-L-V-I-A). So I presume you can use the one gram 10x with 4 to 6 people.


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I experimented with dried salvia leaves last year.

To begin with, smoking the leaves in a water-bong, I found just a wee tingling sensation rising up into my head (like poppers but without the feeling that your head will explode and without an obligitory headache).

The second hit I had was as big as I could fit into my bong cap and my perspective on the room changed, still 3D but angles of the room were distorted.

I continued to take it with similar results....mild hallucinations/visual distortions/tracers etc.

My friend came back from australia and we had an evening in which we took a few big salvia hits from the bong (spaced around 20 minutes apart) and the effects were the same. Then we smoked a few marijuana joints with salvia instead of tobacco, and continued to take hits from the bong. After this we were tripping (my first trip...shrooms came later)....for hours. It was a mild, clean trip with no fear or intensity, but great colours, visual distortions and tracers. If we wanted to properly hallucinate then we'd take another hit from the bond (just salvia) and get 1-2 minutes of the wierdest visuals/thoughts etc, and then go back to a pleasant base-line.

After this I continued to smoke salvia for about a year (from what I had..they were seriously big bags), and each time the trips were getting more and more intense. I believe this is because your body gets more reactive to it, but it could be because there is a technique to smoking it (holding in for as long as possible) which if neglected means that you get nothing from it but a bad taste in the mouth...if you hold it in properly the exhalation actually tastes quite nice, and as your catching your breath your suddenly thrown into a world of wierd!

It does make you sweat but as the trips only last a minute or two its not too bad. By the time you notice your sweating the trips over (and you've stopped sweating).

As I said the trips were getting more and more intense ...i was only smoking dried leaves not extract...and by the end a small hit on the bong was giving me complete hallucinations (the like of which I've not seen since), not distortions but full blown hallucination. In the end this put me off, and after one particular trip I found it too intense and let my friends experiment with what I had left.

Ps. The effect you get from salvia seems to vary wildly, some friends were tripping balls, while others found it did nothing...this could have to do with your smoking technique however it could also be that some people are more susceptible to its effects..If your like me the effects will increase with use.

Definitely smoke it in a water bong cause it is harsh if not (even crush a little ice in their).

PPs. Writing this has brought back a few fond memories, and so I'll probably buy some more come payday, i don't need extract, but because the effects vary from person to person you may.

Happy tripping.

PPPs. it can be intense. Be careful

Smeechdog. :)


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i would have to say smoke it from a pipe just in case somthing happends and u happen to drop it! because some times u just get so high just even off one good hit that u will end up droping it but that only happends to some people. like who has not droped da bong, pipe, or a joint? but if u want to get the full effects use a bong :D. for more info on salvia go to http://www.hightimes.com and on the left hand side near the bottom it says search, type in salvia and then just pick the heading thats best for u and it will tell u all that u need to no.


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Salvia hunh. Well if you must try it go for it. Its best to take bong hits of it and hold it in for as long as possible. DO NOT DRIVE. this is a very wierd drug that i still dont see why people still doit. If you want a better high try hyper ventilating and then strangle your neck!!!! Also sunlight is bad for salvia so if your really serious keep it in your pocket or any other dark place. Im not sure where your from but im from maryland and i think its noww illegal in the usa so be careful


My and my friend tried the x40 with a "torch" lighter (which is necessary)and it was the strongest trip I have ever encountered took me places way beyond my imagination and my friend who expected (first time) kind of a buzzy or stone feeling he totally went berserk as he was trying to save his life finding himself in a book where every page was part of his life and ever person had there own "books" the troubling part was when he freaked out and try to climb over the inside wall as the "book" of his life were about to close (guess he had to get to the other page?) he was not aware of us, nor the 3d world... took 5-7 min before we got conntact and even then we lost it again.... he didnt trust us to be real so it was difficult to try to make him understand that he was at his own home aLL THE TIME??? NOT FOR THE UNSECURE ONE BUT A PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND



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Smeechdog said:

"I continued to smoke salvia for about a year, and each time the trips were getting more and more intense. I believe this is because your body gets more reactive to it."

I wanted to back this up but I couldn't find any source at the moment (I know they're out there, maybe erowid.org), But I'm sure it's true that chronically smoking salvia will grow more intense after each session because salvia actually weakens your tolerence towards it.

I've only smoked salvia twice, the first I didn't really notice anything except it looked like I was turning my head even though I was looking straight and the second time was like before and everything that was touching me was really irratable, even my clothes. I suddenly got scared because I thought my stereo and desk were mad at me because I smoked 'their' salvia, I ran out and took off my shirt and then I came down, it was like I couldn't control my actions I just instantly acted on my feelings like an animal. When I realized what I was doing, everything was ok.



Oh and I was smoking 15x extract from a pipe.


(Use Bong with torch lighter) Salvia should burn at high degrees for good effect, then inhaled and holding for 15sec then blaze again, like 2-3times dependig on you, I usually feel it when I blow air out, like everything becomes like a helium world or something

Ya, I remembered my younger brother he thought that everone in the room was against him, that we were going to take him or something. Then he also felt like one with the universe and all objects.

The x40 was pretty far from normal trip, it was a blast of first laughing then not knowing what universe I was on... not recommended if you havent tried Salvia before.



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First time I used it: Waterpipe. Too big device, we just got high like on hassis but not clean at all. Sleepy and feeling like staying on the coach forever.

Second time that day we made a joint using salvia and tobaco: same thing

Third time: smoke it in a small pipe, just salvia.

This one was better, we were in a park. I was the first one. Firt I started laughing and spiting a lot. Then It was as I had just woke up from slumber, confusing. (We used 10x by the way) I liked it but the first time you dont know what to expect. This afternoon I've tried same thing again. Better, a friend of mine started laughing and walking around.

The general feeling is like having a little monkey on the back of your head, your eyes were going down and your mouth back, like your hole face turning.

Sometimes you can't close your mouth, it's usefull using both hands! ;)

You kinda go into another world, dreamy state. Difficult to explain!!