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Alguien que haya pedido salvia divinorum x10 , que se la hayan enviado a su pais(fuera de los paises bajos) que diga que tal le llego?que tal el estado...qu eis coloco..


Someone that buy Salvia divinorum X10 to his land plz tel me the status of the drug and if it had you make high


Salvia is usually legal, I think in Norway and some other countries its Illegal ... the effect is very trippy but only lasts about 5-15 min more or less... but it should be smoked in a bong with a blowtorch... the x40 gives a real blow but the x10 with right amount and right way gives you a taste of what it is,,, but its nothing like anything else it is very unique especially when you get the right effect. :)




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Hi. :=)

Hm, I've tried to smoke salvia 10x.

I experienced just a buzz, a strange feeling and i laughed..none hallucinations..

Is there a way, to consume salvia to get more of the effect? I took around 0.3 g. I first inhaled, kept the smoke in for 20-30 secs - exhaled and than took another a bit poor shot and held it for 20-30 secs..

Tell me, am i doing something wrong?



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Dont mind that post. I know now.

I've almost entered into salvia world. I know now where the key is. Funny thing. Salvia told me, what should i do to enter her world..but first i got scared - that was a mistake. I've tried to control everything. Want to know what happend? :=)

I got scared and so i stood up. Then I've heard a voice "lie down, lie down to bed, lie down", some force almost threw me to bed. She told me I should lie down and relax and enjoy. Second mistake was that i had too much "troubles" in my mind...

Next time I'll relax and I'll let salvia show me her world.

Cya soon (i will report my next voyage)



She kinda takes over yes :) she is funny but its been a while now for me, but trying that x 40 really took me to special places with her. Just like you wrote... yes just empty your mind and take the ride :)

x10 with a torch lighter in a bong should do it...

After I took the x40 after that I dont even need much salvia to enter with her... its great.

This is "weird" and kinda cool, the first time I took x40 I just went totally gone but in the same time I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I was safe and that I would come back so it wasent scary at all and one of the places I visit was very cool and there were creatures or people speaking to me and such but the thing was that in the same time I was there I was somewhere else but I couldnt really figure out where I was... but then a few months later I smoked a little x10 in another country and I realized that before when I smoked x40 the place was actually the same place I was in now. I smoked x40 and it took me to when I smoked x10 in the future in another place and country and I smoked x10 and realized that It was the place x40 took me to. really shivering feeling and so amazing I cant give out words for it... like a perfect deja vu and it was because it lasted very long too... the day after I smoked some weed and got totally numb of what happened to me then... :)

Have a nice one...

Peace & Freedom


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hey im new to this sit and i would liek to say tat i havnt personaly been in a salvia world but i've seen people just tweek on it and they said that once you get to that high you will never want to it to end.

i also herd that you can get serously f**ked on it and never be the same but thats just waht i herd and i dont know if its true