Shroom kit modification???


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Hey, I squeezed the sides of the kit in order to pour water in and noticed that all the sides were covered in the mycelium. Being an adventurer, I decided to pick the compost and all out of the black holder and put it on top, just cock-eyed, so that the mycelium on the sides would get light. I figure this would be good and maybe I would not only get growth on top, but on the sides as well. I was very sanitary, with latex gloves and disinfected hands in order to prevent contamination. Do you guys think that this will work. I got my second flush (after the first, which i mentioned blew me and my girlfriend's minds 2 days ago), but the second was small and had many of the small mutants. Let me know what you think. Thanx. PeAcE.

Sjamaan I-net

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Hello Joel79,

this should work perfectly, if you do this all sanitary, there should be no contamination and the mushrooms should grow from both sides,

best regards and have fun,