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Sjamaan deceived me....

I ordered a magic mushroom and they sent me rotted.

They don´t answer my emails and i don´t know that i can do it.

My advice is that not buy never to those swindlers.



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You are not decieved. The mushrooms we send are fresh. It is possible, that if the shipping time of the mail is long, or if the shipment is exposed to heat, that the mushrooms go bad. Please get into contact with the shipping department.
Email: Type "URGENT" in the topic. They will fix this fast and get you new mushrooms for free. I am sorry that you did not get a reply from us. Please tell me to which email addres did you send your email?

To us, satisfied customers are very important. Our company grows from repeat customers.


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no what i wanted say is that sjamaan is all us, i do not how many peaple understund this imposs this not impossible but certanly not easy mission.

Is a mission...

you know that many many peaple do not have access, not can have open door to in internet.

you think the peaple that can not have open door in mush.

in any case boys the planet, this planet are going to became more and more little

before it not was so , was more and more bigger

the trip is

other time i explaneby by


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dear spain

if you have a problem with the stuff you recieved please contact us asap at

what we need to find out what happened and to solve the problem is your shipnumber or order reference number so we can find the order.

and dont worry , we are in this allready for 4 years and with very satisfide customers, so we will take care of this problem


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