mushroom growing


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hello sjamaan,

first i would like to thank you for your good service and the quick delivery.

i have the 1501 kit, and when i opened it, it had a little white spongy, look like mould thing on it, very little.

now about 4 days later it start to spread. i would like to know if this is the mycelium you are talking about or it meens something else. also if you could tell me how do i know if there is enough water in the kit, i sprayed a little , dont know if it's enough. good day


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Hello sabio1,

The white stuff is probably mycelium, just make sure that there is no green infection in your kit,

if you have any doubts, you can send my some fhoto's and i will tell you what it is but if it's just white, it's ok.

You need to put 2-3 cm of water on the bottom of the bag, just poor it down the bag on the side where no filter is, not directly on the kit,

Best regards,