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    On many sites on the internet vendors offer a salvia divinorum or Kratom 10X extract, 15X extract or other strengths.

    A normal dose of Salvia divinorum leaves is 2 grams.
    A normal dose of Kratom leaves is 5 – 7 grams.
    This means that with a REAL 10X extract the dose would be 0.2 grams for Salvia divinorum and 0.6 grams for Kratom. For Salvia divinorum this is rarely the case. For Kratom this isn’t even possible at this time. These names are often used to hype products, instead of resembling the true strength of the product. We refuse to mislabel our products, as we want to be as truthful as possible.

    At this time there are NO Kratom extracts stronger than 3X. Our Kratom extracts have a oral dose of 3 grams, which is 2 times as strong as our high quality Kratom leaves.

    If you have any doubt about this, please search the different drug related forums and see what dose these extracts really require or try it out yourself.

    All our Salvia divinorum extracts are standardised and purified. Our purified Kratom extract is standardised and purified. Our Kratom resin extract is not standardised because it’s a resin extract.

    All our Kratom and Salvia divinorum extracts have received very positive response from our customers. Please add your experience and comments to this forum.

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